Hillside Farm, Dorset

Grand Designs - Stainless Steel Cable Railing Project

Hillside Farm Stainless Steel Cable Railing Installation

In Spring 2005 our tubular mount ball and socket cable infill system was installed on the decking of Hillside Farm, Dorset.

Cable Railing Kit On Stairs

The articulation of our cable railing kits make them perfect for inclines, such as staircases.

Preserving The View With Tubular Cable Railing Kit

The cables were supplied ready swaged, so that the infill cable could be fed through clearance holes pre-drilled in each upright. Each cable was secured to tubular steel uprights using the tubular surface mounted socket fitting and compression fitting.

Our cable railing system was used to preserve the wonderful views.

As featured on Channel 4 Grand Designs

Photos by kind permission of Mike Thrasher

This project makes use of our

Tubular Mount Cable Railing Kit

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