Cable Cross Clamps

Cable Cross Clamp - Net Clip

Cable Cross Clamp - 90 Degree

Cable Cross Clamp - Net Clip

Available Options Cable
Code Price (ex VAT) Quantity 
Cross Clamp 1/8 M12 0.76 0.66 CC-03-US POA
Cross Clamp 5/32 M12 0.80 0.79 CC-04-US POA

Our fixed direction cross clamp, designed for 90 degree cross over of cables.

Manufactured from 316 marine grade stainless steel, available to fit 1/8" and 5/32" diameter stainless steel cable.

Net Clips are used where crossed cables need connection and are commonly used as a basis for a steel cable trellis.

Cross Clamp Installation Advice

Quick and simple to install with the use of a hex head key.

1. Using a hex head key, remove the center grub screw.

2. Place your first cable into the deepest of the machined channels.

3. The second cable will fit into the shallow channel, so that it sits above the first cable.

4. Replace the center grub screw and tighten using a hex head key.

Cross Clamp Installation Advice

Cable Cross Clamp Installation